Always Shine ( 2016 )

Thriller från 2016.

"Always Shine" is a psychological thriller directed by Sophia Takal that delves into the complexities of female friendship, jealousy, and identity. The film stars Mackenzie Davis as Anna and Caitlin FitzGerald as Beth, two actresses and best friends who embark on a weekend getaway to Big Sur, hoping to reconnect and rejuvenate their strained relationship.

As the weekend unfolds, the serene backdrop of Big Sur contrasts starkly with the rising tension between Anna and Beth. Anna, struggling with her lack of success and recognition in her acting career, harbors deep-seated resentment and jealousy towards Beth, who enjoys greater professional success and attention. Beth's passive demeanor and inability to assert herself only exacerbate Anna's frustrations.

The narrative skillfully explores themes of competition, insecurity, and the societal pressures placed on women, particularly in the entertainment industry. The film's atmosphere grows increasingly claustrophobic and unsettling as Anna's jealousy morphs into something more sinister, leading to a dramatic and intense climax.

Sophia Takal's direction, combined with the strong performances of Davis and FitzGerald, creates a compelling and thought-provoking film. The use of psychological tension, mirrored identities, and the blurring of reality and perception keeps viewers on edge. "Always Shine" is a powerful exploration of the darker aspects of friendship and ambition, making it a standout entry in contemporary psychological thrillers.



Always Shine

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