#chadgetstheaxe ( 2022 )

Ockultism från 2022.

Travis Bible’s 2022 film #ChadGetsTheAxe is a darkly comedic horror film that blends elements of satire, social media culture, and slasher thrills. The story follows Chad, a popular social media influencer, who plans to livestream his exploration of an abandoned and supposedly haunted house. Chad, played by Cameron Vitosh, is joined by his fellow influencers, each eager to boost their online presence with thrilling content.

As the group begins their live broadcast, they encounter eerie occurrences that initially seem perfect for their online audience. However, the situation quickly escalates into genuine terror as they realize that something malevolent is lurking within the house. The supernatural presence begins to target them one by one, turning their quest for likes and followers into a desperate fight for survival.

#ChadGetsTheAxe cleverly critiques the obsession with social media fame and the often superficial nature of online personas. The film uses the livestream format to heighten the sense of immediacy and realism, drawing viewers into the action as if they are part of the live audience. This innovative approach not only intensifies the horror but also adds a layer of dark humor as the characters’ attempts to maintain their online personas clash with the terrifying reality they face.

The film features strong performances from its cast, who skillfully balance comedic elements with the escalating horror. Travis Bible’s direction ensures a fast-paced and engaging narrative, with sharp commentary on contemporary digital culture. #ChadGetsTheAxe stands out for its unique premise, blending horror with social satire to create a film that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.




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