Cujo ( 1983 )

Eco-horror från 1983.

“The Trentons – Vic, Donna and their son Tad – are a normal suburban family. Vic works in advertising, Donna is a housewife and Tad is a sensitive little boy who has a fear of monsters in his closet. One day, the Trenton family takes their car to the rural home of abusive mechanic Joe Camber for some repairs, where they meet Cujo – the Camber family's easy-going St. Bernard who has a bite on his nose” [...]

“Cujo's bite from a rabid bat drives him mad, and he kills the abusive Joe and his alcoholic neighbor, Gary Pervier. Vic goes out of town on a business trip. Donna and Tad return to the Cambers' house for more car repairs and Cujo attacks them. “



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