The Fox with a Velvet Tail ( 1971 )

El Ojo del Huracán, Giallo från 1971.

"The Fox with a Velvet Tail" (original title: "El Ojo del Huracán"), directed by José María Forqué in 1971, is a stylish and suspenseful Spanish-Italian giallo film that weaves elements of psychological thriller, mystery, and eroticism into a captivating narrative. The film is renowned for its intricate plot, elegant cinematography, and atmospheric tension.

The story centers around Ruth, portrayed by Ana María Custodio, a sophisticated woman who ends her relationship with her lover, Michel, played by Tony Kendall, to start a new life with her charming and affluent new boyfriend, Paul, depicted by Jean Sorel. Ruth and Paul retreat to a luxurious seaside villa, where they plan to enjoy their newfound happiness. However, their idyllic life soon takes a dark turn as Ruth becomes the target of a series of increasingly sinister incidents.

As Ruth's paranoia grows, she begins to suspect that someone is plotting to harm her. Her suspicions initially fall on Michel, who appears resentful of her new relationship. However, as the plot unfolds, it becomes evident that there are deeper, more complex machinations at play, involving betrayal, greed, and hidden motives.

Forqué's direction is marked by a meticulous attention to visual style, using the villa's opulent and secluded setting to create a sense of isolation and vulnerability. The film's cinematography, characterized by its vibrant colors and striking compositions, enhances the suspenseful and seductive atmosphere. The use of mirrors and reflections throughout the film symbolizes the duality of the characters and the deceptive nature of appearances.

The score, composed by Piero Piccioni, complements the film's tone with its haunting melodies and jazzy undertones, adding to the overall sense of unease and sophistication. The performances by the lead actors, particularly Ana María Custodio and Jean Sorel, are compelling, conveying the emotional and psychological complexities of their characters.

"The Fox with a Velvet Tail" is a standout in the giallo genre for its blend of suspense, style, and psychological intrigue. It delves into themes of trust, deception, and the dark side of human relationships, keeping the audience engaged and guessing until the final revelation. This film remains a hidden gem, appreciated by fans of classic European thrillers for its artistry and gripping narrative.


The Fox with a Velvet Tail

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