Premonition ( 2004 )

Yogen, Spökfilm från 2004.

High school teacher Hideki Satomi (Hiroshi Mikami), his wife, Ayaka (Noriko Sakai) who works as a psychology teacher, and their five-year-old daughter, Nana (Hana Inoue) are driving home to Tokyo after a vacation. While on a country road, Hideki stops to upload a file on a phonebooth. Inside, he sees a newspaper scrap showing his daughter being involved in a car crash, dated just a minute later at 8:00 PM. As Ayaka steps outside to get Hideki's help on Nana's jammed seatbelt, a truck smashes through their car, killing Nana. A distraught Hideki tries to find the newspaper scrap when the media comes while Ayaka tearfully tries to stop him. Three years later, Ayaka, having divorced Hideki, interviews a psychic, Satoko Mikoshiba (Kazuko Yoshiyuki) to learn more about the "Newspaper of Terror". 





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