10/31 ( 2017 )

Ockultism, Spökfilm, Slasher från 2017.

10/31, a 2017 horror anthology film, brings together the creative talents of multiple directors including Brett DeJager, Rocky Gray, Zane Hershberger, John William Holt, Hunter Johnson, and Justin M. Seaman. The film delivers a spine-chilling collection of Halloween-themed tales, each with its own unique twist and terror, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Plot Summary: The film is structured around a classic horror anthology format, where each segment presents a different story, all set on Halloween night. The narratives range from supernatural encounters and vengeful spirits to horrifying creatures and sinister rituals, ensuring a diverse mix of scares and suspense. Each director brings their own style and vision to the segments, creating a cohesive yet varied horror experience.

Key Segments:

  1. The Old Hag (Directed by Brett DeJager): A group of friends encounters a malevolent witch during their Halloween celebrations, leading to a night of terror and survival.
  2. Trespassers (Directed by Zane Hershberger): Two burglars break into the wrong house on Halloween night, only to find themselves hunted by a masked killer.
  3. Killing the Dance (Directed by John William Holt): A dance hall becomes the setting for a gruesome massacre as a masked assailant targets the attendees.
  4. The Halloween Blizzard of ’91 (Directed by Hunter Johnson): During a Halloween blizzard, a family faces a relentless supernatural force that turns their holiday into a nightmare.
  5. The Samhain Slasher (Directed by Justin M. Seaman): A legendary Halloween slasher returns to terrorize a small town, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

Directorial Vision: Each segment in 10/31 showcases the distinct style and horror sensibilities of its director. Brett DeJager, Rocky Gray, Zane Hershberger, John William Holt, Hunter Johnson, and Justin M. Seaman each contribute to the anthology's overall eerie and atmospheric tone. The film pays homage to classic horror tropes while injecting fresh and modern twists.

Atmosphere and Visuals: The anthology’s visual appeal is marked by its effective use of practical effects, moody lighting, and atmospheric settings that capture the essence of Halloween. The diverse storytelling approaches keep the audience engaged, with each segment delivering its own brand of horror, from psychological thrills to visceral scares.

Conclusion: 10/31 is a celebration of Halloween and the horror genre, offering a collection of tales that are as varied as they are terrifying. The collaboration of multiple directors results in a rich and entertaining anthology that appeals to a wide range of horror enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of supernatural horror, slasher flicks, or psychological thrillers, 10/31 has something to offer, making it a standout addition to the horror anthology tradition.



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