Visade filmer

2010-03-31 17:41

Tema: Urbanoia

"Four of them with automatic weapons against some swamp rat. I make it even money".


2010-04-28 16:47

Tema: Skräckkomedi

"I am, what psychiatrists call, alpha male."



2010-09-08 13:59

Tema: Monster 

"Jesus lady, help can't even help us."

Dennis Farell

2010-10-06 13:27

Tema: Thriller

“When are you kids gonna learn that this hurts me more than it hurts you!”


2010-11-03 11:29

Tema: Icke-amerikanskt 70-tal

“I wish the dead could come back to life, you bastard, so then I could kill you again”

                                           The Inspector

2010-12-01 10:42

Tema: Vampyrer - del II

"You're freaks! I'm a man! The last man... "

                                              Robert Morgan

2011-02-02 23:58

Tema: Stora djur

“Let me tell you something, son ... YOU’RE AN IDIOT”


2011-03-02 23:41

Tema: Drömmar

“Come to me Cynthia. You belong with us”


2011-04-07 00:24

Tema: Mentalsjukhus

"The answer is right in front of you”


2011-11-24 22:59


Tema: Hillbilly-skräck


“Well, there's worse things in life than powdered milk, I suppose”