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2011-12-08 22:42

Tema: Euro crime

"Simon, it wasn't my idea!"


2012-01-20 12:41

Tema: Tromafilm

“The blade of Aktar. The key to eternal dark power. But how do you use it? WHAT IS THE SECRET?”

Lord Khoura

2012-03-15 23:10

Tema - Gore från 80-talet

“I don’t want to wait for the coroner’s opinion. Can you give me yours? Do you think that chainsaw could be the murder weapon?”

Lt. Bracken

2012-04-26 22:50

Tema - Gore från japan

"Whatever they are, they´re here to do one thing. To eat each other."


2012-05-17 23:00

Tema - Mordiska barn

"It was only the wind, my dear."


2012-09-28 10:01

Tema - Robotar

"This is Angry Bob, the man with the industrial dick, coming to you loud and clear on W.A.R. Radio with the good news and the bad news."

Angry Bob


2012-10-19 14:44

Tema: H.P. Lovecraft

"She's comin'... She's coming for you."

Brown Jenkin

2012-11-15 23:24


Tema: Dvärgar och tortyr


"They'll make a movie about anything nowadays."

Mr. Lincoln


2012-12-07 13:10

Tema: Musicals

“Hi, Brad. I've just come to tell you how fabulous I am.”


2013-02-01 15:00

Tema: Postapokalyptisk Survival

“Come on, you motherfuckers! Come and get me! I got nine more fingers for you!”