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2018-05-19 13:44


Tema - Tänder på grottmålningar


"She's fucking eating him." 



2018-08-31 14:01


Tema – Nytt liv till högt pris


“Isn't it easier to go forward when you know you can't go back?”

Mr Ruby


2018-09-21 14:04


Tema - Törstiga tvillingar


"The devil has sent me twins of evil!"

Gustav Weil


2018-10-19 12:46


Tema - Död indian, arg som fan


"Let's get us some ni**er bait and flush that bitch out."



2018-11-19 20:53


Tema - Överklassen visar sitt rätta jag


"You were right Billy, I am a butthead!"

Jim Whitney


2018-12-15 15:16


Tema - Glupande självskadebeteende


"I´m not a cannibal!"

Novella McClure

2019-01-20 12:46


Tema - Dyster syster söker kuslig lyster


"It was KAREN, I told them it was Karen but no one believed me!"

Alice Spages


2019-03-02 11:20


Tema - Ett monster i slappaste laget


All I saw was an old man with a funky hand, that's all I saw.

Brian Flagg


2019-03-23 13:35


Tema - Dokument inifrån stacken


"We knew then, that we were being changed... and made part of their world."

James R. Lesko: 


2019-04-28 13:27


Tema - Svinigheter i vintrigt westernland


"Maybe we can get out if we try, but I have my doubts that we ever get trough the 400 miles between here and Fort Green"

Sgt Brown