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2014-04-25 12:45

Tema: Evig mardröm med extra allt


"Eliot Foley, Pilgrim's Farm... I wonder why that sounds so familiar."


Walter Craig:



2014-05-09 12:11


Tema: Droger bortom tid och rum


"You don't choose the Soy Sauce; the Soy Sauce chooses you!"



2014-09-15 14:23


Tema: Hot Attacking Beer


"‘She was a slut and I wanted her…"


2014-10-24 12:10


Tema: Subversiva zombier i Castro-land


"Juan of the Dead, we kill your beloved ones"



2014-11-19 11:38

Tema: Hoppande huvuden och hysteriska häxor


“A Leák master can change his form at will into anything he wishes,
like say an animal. Or a tree.” 


2014-12-19 14:15


Tema: De galna barnen tar över


“There is something wrong on this island and you're trying to keep it from me.”


2015-01-30 12:19


Tema: Barnboksskräck


"If you touch my son again, I'll fucking kill you!"



2015-02-27 16:40


Tema: Hem till (mardröms)byn


"KK, Peter følt i forsen før många år sedan"



2015-03-29 17:15


Tema - Maxad Rymdaction


"I did not forget you, Earth. I have waited one thousand Space Years to destroy you"

 The Wizard


2015-04-16 22:58


Tema - Zombiefilm


"One-stop shopping: everything you need, right at your fingertips."